Forbes: Hold the FON

Otro artículo de uno de esas publicaciones que suelen estar en todos los despachos… Dan Frommer, un articulista de tecnología de, ha escrito otro análisis sobre el lanzamiento de FON.

Parece que ha contactado con gente de Verizon, Earthlink y AT&T:

“In a nutshell, it’s against the terms of service for subscribers to share their connection outside their own home location,” says Verizon spokeswoman Bobbi Henson. Other companies’ agreements are similar, such as broadband contracts for Earthlink (nasdaq: ELNK – news – people ), whose representatives declined to comment, and AT&T (nyse: ATT – news – people ). “It appears to directly violate our terms and conditions as outlined in our service agreement,” says AT&T spokesman Michael Coe.

El artículo completo:

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