Speakeasy desmiente acuerdo con FON

Bueno, pues parece que SpeakEasy ya ha salido al paso y ha desmentido que tenga ningún acuerdo con FON. Tal y como comenté ayer parece que el acuerdo al que se refería FON no era más que una referencia al producto NetShare que SpeakEasy presentó en el 2003.

La réplica de SpeakEasy al anuncio de FON:

FON has incorrectly announced that they have reached an “agreement” with Speakeasy regarding FON’s wireless service. This is 100% completely false. No relationship, financial or otherwise, exists between Speakeasy and FON. …

Indeed, FON’s product appears to be built on a premise Speakeasy introduced in 2003 called NetShare which involves individual revenue-sharing agreements among wireless users.

A senior representative from FON did connect with Speakeasy’s CEO in late 2005 and they discussed their companies and general business practices within a 10-minute phone call; the FON contact also indicated that they might want to set up a meeting with Speakeasy if their (FON’s) travels brought them to the U.S. No other contact has occurred since this brief phone conversation.

Y parece ser que Martín Varsavsky ya se ha disculpado enviando un email que reproduce John Cook:

I said in my blog www.martinvarsavsky.net that Speakeasy allows fon and that we signed a deal with Glocalnet and Reuters misinterpreted this.

We NEVER said we had a signed deal with Speakeasy, only with Glocalnet. We don’t, they (Speakeasy) just allow FON in their terms of service.

But I am sorry this blew out of proportion.

Desde luego no es la mejor imagen para FON en el comienzo de negociaciones con ISPs… Efectivamente creo que será mejor anunciar los acuerdos una vez que están firmados.

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